Myfany Turpin on insect larvae nomenclature in Kaytetye

In the latest Sydney Centre for Language Research (SCLR) Seminar, Associate Professor Myfany Turpin considers the lexicon of edible insect larvae, one of five food categories in Kaytetye, an Arandic language of central Australia. She draws on collaborative fieldwork with Kaytetye speakers on their lands, entomologists, and the local school; and highlights the community resources produced to assist learning beyond the research trips.

Associate Professor Myfany Turpin is a linguist and musicologist at Sydney Conservatorium of Music where she is Associate Dean Indigenous Strategy and Services. Read more about Myfany Turpin’s work here, at ‘From the archives to the air: the Wanji-wanji travelling corroboree’. 

Watch the seminar on the SCLR Youtube channel here:

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