What We Do

The centre has a single overarching mission: to promote excellence in research on language at the University of Sydney.

Research on language has been carried out at the University of Sydney for many decades. Currently, more than 70 researchers are publishing in the Linguistics FoR code (2004), and/or are trained in a field of linguistics and are active in research on language in some capacity, in linguistics, languages, philosophy of language, anthropology of language, media and communications, music, psychology, speech pathology, health communication, information and data science.
Research on language at our university has enormous breadth and depth. The objective of this centre is to consolidate the community of researchers, and to pursue and create opportunities for new research collaborations, increased research funding and activity, improved quality of research outputs and outcomes, and enhanced research engagement and impact.

Research on language is part of many fields of research at The University of Sydney

There are also language researchers embedded in diverse parts of the university, including the offices of the DVC Research.