A Masterclass on Processability theory as a tool for linguists, teachers and speech pathologists

A Masterclass on Processability theory as a tool for linguists, teachers and speech pathologists


Keynote Speaker: Professor Gisela Håkansson, Lund University/ Østfold University College

Processability theory (PT; Pienemann 1998) was designed to account for patterns in second language acquisition, principally developmental stages and variation within them. Nonetheless, PT’s potential as a general theory of language processing is increasingly being recognized due to its universal, psycholinguistic underpinning and formalization. PT’s diverse scope means that this theory speaks to a wide audience of researchers working with language across the lifespan, notably linguists, teachers and speech pathologists. This interactive Masterclass is led by Professor Gisela Håkansson, a world leader in second language processing and language disorders, who will introduce Higher Degree Research students and other interested scholars to PT’s predictions, methodologies and applications to teaching and developmental and acquired language disorders. Through accessible, hands on activities, participants will gain research tools by exploring questions such as: What developmental stages does PT predict? How are stages realized cross linguistically? Do stages apply to all age groups, both typical and impaired, and to both spoken and written data? What implications do stages have for language teaching and therapy?


There will be two SSSHARC masterclasses: 10am to 12pm on 15 October and 2pm to 4pm on 16 October.

Could all participants please register for either of these events, including participants who completed the Doodle Poll:


The event flyer can be found here: Professor Gisela Håkansson Master classes v2

For questions and enquiries, please contact sssharc.research@sydney.edu.au, or contact: bronwen.dyson@sydney.edu.au


15 Oct 2019 - 16 Oct 2019


10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Room 200
RD Watt Building, Science Road, The University of Sydney, NSW
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