Edible insect larvae in Kaytetye: their nomenclature and significance

This seminar will be presented by Myfany Turpin, Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

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Indigenous languages have detailed knowledge about the natural world, as evidenced in the growing number of encyclopaedic dictionaries of Australian languages. Many of these reveal much vocabulary on flora and fauna; and many linguists have teamed up with biologists to understand Indigenous terminology in these domains. One area that has received relatively little attention, is that of invertebrates. This paper considers the lexicon of edible insect larvae, one of five food categories in Kaytetye, an Arandic language of central Australia. It draws on collaborative fieldwork with Kaytetye speakers on their lands, entomologists, and the local school; and highlights the community resources produced to assist learning beyond the research trips.

Associate Professor Myfany Turpin is a linguist and musicologist at Sydney Conservatorium of Music where she is Associate Dean Indigenous Strategy and Services. She has written a dictionary of the central Australian language Kaytetye, and scholarly articles in the areas of lexicology, phonology, ethnobiology, and verbal arts. She works with many Indigenous communities in central Australia recording and documenting their traditional songs and has produced numerous multi-media publications. She currently holds an ARC grant Following the Trade Routes: exchange and innovation in Aboriginal cultural economies with colleagues at ANU, Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Cultural Centre and the South Australia Museum. She held an ARC Future Fellowship to investigate the relationship between words and music and a Sydney Research Accelerator prize to document a widely known Aboriginal ceremony https://wanji-wanji-music.sydney.edu.au/.

This seminar will be held on Friday 15 October 2021 at 12PM over Zoom.

To access the Zoom seminar, please see the flyer for access details, or access the meeting here.

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15 Oct 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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